July 30 (Mt 14: 1-12)

I am the voice….” (Jn 1:23) .


>> This voice was powerful.

>> This voice changed many.

>> This voice was a hope to many.


This voice, however, also disturbed a few…

… disturbed even to the point of revenge and vengeance.



This voice was silenced!!!


The Voice was of St John the Baptist, who was martyred for his faith and for the Truth!



The world has witnessed many murders.

>> Many murders have had dangerous ploys…inhuman strategies….and heartless planning


The Gospel of the Day also presents before us a murder…

>> One which ranks among the top-list: The Brutal Beheading of the Voice – John the Baptist!


 The Beheading of John the Baptist is one of the most brutal and visually-powerful incident in the entire Gospels.


John the Baptist was a Prophet.

>> And a True Prophet is a truth-teller!


 As we read in today’s Gospel, this True Prophet, John, was the whistle-blower in crying “foul” over the illegitimate relationship between Kind Herod and his brother’s wife, Herodias.


Herodias hated John the Baptist…

>> She hated him because he told the truth & she didn’t like the truth.

>> She was determined to twist the truth into a lie & the lie into a truth.


Therefore, at the earliest opportunity, Herodias sought to direct her revenge upon the truth teller!

>> She wanted to get rid of that “crazy man” who was determined to put a moral mirror in front of her face.


Herodias, wanted this Voice to be silent!!


 To silence the true voices of the society, is the bane of any generation…

>> How many a “Voice-of-correction” of parents, is put to silence by disobedient children

>> How many a “Voice-for-morality” of  the Church, is put to silence, by modernists and liberalists

>> How many a “Voice-for-peace” of innocent people, is put to silence, by fanatics and fundamentalists

How many a “Voice-for-justice” of the citizens, is put to silence, by a negligent government

How many a “Voice-for-repentance” of  a spouse, is put to silence by a drunkard or an irresponsible partner

How many a “Voice-for-holiness” of the Lord, is put to silence, by superfluous spiritualities and comfy theologies


The Voice of Truth cries…

… but how many of us, seek to silence it!


Yes, the lives of Conscience-movers and truth-tellers are always at a risk. 


And this risk can even lead one to be a misfit in the society

… to be “different from others

… to even risk one’s life!


St John the Baptist had the courage to be the truth-teller and risk his life…

… even to be a martyr!



What are the characteristics of a True Martyr?


  1. Martyrs get killed not just for their convictions… but for EXPRESSING their convictions:


‘Play Safe’ is an ad-tag in which many Christians find refuge.

>> “Keep your mouth shut

>> ” Don’t offend people around us

>> ” It is better to be silent than sorry

… these are some of the common phrases which we Christians adopt, in moments of injustice, corruption, inequality & unfairness!


But true Martyrs ARTICULATED and DISPLAYED and EXPRESSED and UTTERED their faith!….

>> Yes, they witness their Faith as a  true martyr!


A true Martyr is a bold Witness!


St John the Baptist was not silent…he expressed and articulated the mistakes…

… and so he was martyred!



  1. Martyrs don’t get swayed by popular opinions and cheap popularity

A true martyr is not one who checks the pulse of public opinion & makes a statement to “please and satisfy” people.


A Martyr has the guts…

… to go against an oppressive and discrimination culture!

… to voice out against an unjust and demeaning authority!

… to stand firm in the midst of rippled spiritualities and patterns!


St John the Baptist was unfazed and unmoved before the royal immoral powers…

… and so he was martyred!



  1. Martyrs are willing and prepared to lay down their lives.

Martyrs are not escapists…who want to die to run away from the grinds of life!


Rather, they are people who are wholly prepared & enthusiastically willing to die, for the sake of their convictions!


>> They are passionate and intensely in love with their faith and their convictions!

>> They are unaffected and impassive to the dangers and risks that are involved!


St John the Baptist knew that he was walking precariously on the rope of risks…

… and he was always ready for it!




Today, You and I….are invited to be a Voice…

…in a voiceless…in a voice-oppressed…in a voice-drowned…in a voice-killed…world!


We are called to be ‘A voice of Truth’…

… “A Voice of correction”

… “ A Voice for morality”

… “ A Voice for peace”

… “ A Voice for justice”

… “ A Voice for repentance”

… “ A Voice for holiness”


St John the Baptist dared to be that VOICE – ” I am the voice….!” (Jn 1:23)

 >> Shall we too dare?


God bless! Live Jesus!

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