Jun 3 ( Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

A young couple were travelling on the bike…a jolly ride.

Fast they went…thru the narrow streets, wide highways, lush-green meadows and fruit-laden fields.

As they moved across a rather long highway, at a high speed…
… the rider – the young husband – realized that the brakes of the bike had failed.

But he didn’t allow his knife to know the impending danger.

Instead as they were conversing,  he asked her, “Do you really love and trust me?”
The wife answered, “Of course I do! And am so happy to love and be loved by you!”

Then the husband said, as he was riding, “Then take off my helmet and put it on for yourself! Let’s see whether you trust in my riding skills!”

The girl- innocent and unsuspecting –  felt it as a challenge, and went on the take the helmet and put it for herself.

In a few moments, the bike, whose brakes had failed, would soon crash onto a tree…!

The young husband suffered from serious head injuries…
… but the girl, with the helmet on her head, remained safe…
All because, the boy, in his deep love for her, had sacrificed his life, for the safety of his love!

True love, by its nature, moves out of oneself…
… and gives in total self-giving to the other… to the one who is loved!

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – in Which is displayed the greatest expression of Love…
… a God who madly loves humanity and gave Himself up, in entirety for us, Whom He loves!

Love is one of the most used words in any language.
>> There is much literature available in any language on Love – poetry, novels, short stories, dramas, epics….

But Love, is also one the most  misinterpreted, misunderstood & abused word.
>> The word ‘Love, in our modern world, is highly commercialized & sensationalized …and very often, ends up losing its real meaning..

It’s in this context, that today we celebrate the Feast of Love…symbolized in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, shows to us…what is True Love…

Love is not just a passing and fleeting dimension of feelings or words or emotion or sentiments…
>> Love, affects our core…

Love, as expressed in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is Merciful, Sacrificial &All-embracing.

1. A Merciful Heart:
>> The Lord condemns sins, but loves the Sinner! There is hope for the worst sinner and encouragement for the fallen saint! Love is merciful…

2. A Sacrificial Heart:
>> Love gives and gives…without any measure.

The Heart of the Divine Lord, was pierced in Pure Love of us.
Though He knew we are sinners and we are betrayers…
… yet, the Love of the Lord knows no bounds.

He sacrifices Himself, for us.
> He died, that I may Live.
>> He wounded Himself, that I may be healed!
Love is sacrificial…

3. An All-embracing Heart:
The world indulges in categorization of peoples based on class, status, caste, language etc…

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, destroys all pitiable discriminations and inhuman inequity, by expressing love to all…
There is Light and Love and Joy and Peace to ALL peoples!

Love is all-embracing…

The Feast of the Sacred Heart is a reminder and a challenge to each one of us

Is my Heart…
… Merciful?
… Sacrificial?
… All-embracing?

We live in times when heart diseases and ailments are on the rise…
>> Physically: Heart Attacks, Hole in the heart, Congestive Heart failures, Narrowing of the arteries…

>> Emotionally: A Broken Heart,  A Fearful Heart, An Anxious Heart, A Discouraged Heart, A Lonely Heart, A Rejected Heart…

>> Spiritually: An Angry Heart, A Sinful Heart, An Unrepentant Heart, A Lukewarm Heart, A Lustful Heart, An Unfaithful Heart…

We all, possess one or more aspects of these hearts….
Perhaps, , we need a Spiritual Heart Surgery…
… a change of heart…to be more like the Heart of Jesus!

In Ezekiel 36:26, the Lord says, “I will give you a New Heart….”

Jesus, the Lover of our hearts, today, invites us, to look into His Sacred Heart…and find rest and consolation: “Come to me, all you who labour, and I will give you rest!”

Let us seek to unite our hearts…in whichever state it be…
… to the Sacred Heart of our Lord!

The Sacred Heart is burning with love for each of us!
The Love of Jesus ever gives, forgives, outlives;
And ever stands with open hands;
And while it lives, it gives,
For this His love’s prerogative
To give, and give, and give!

>> Let us cast ourselves, into this Burning Furnace of Love, and be filled with a Deeper Passion and Zeal for the Lord!

LOVE is a powerful word… but it is our duty to preserve its purity!

Let us be united with the Sacred Heart of the Lord…
… renew our consecration this day to Him…
… and pray and persevere, to Live Love, in its purity, in its faithfulness and in its truth!


Happy Feast to Jesus, our Beloved…and Happy Feast to all of us, His Lovers!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

– Fr Jijo Manjackal msfs
  Bengaluru, India

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