May 30 (Mk 12:1-12)

A commonly known story goes thus…

An Arab sheikh, once gave a banquet for his son.
>> He invited his friends to share his hospitality.

His one request was that each guest bring a small skin of wine as his contribution to the feast.

On the appointed day the skins were emptied.
>> However, the further discovery caused immense embarrassment for the host as well as the like: most of them contained water!

Each guest had reasoned that, since everyone else would bring wine, he might be able to make a substitution and not be detected.
<> They were entrusted fully with the taking care of the vineyard.

The Master placed a lot of trust in the servants.

He gave the freedom… a responsible freedom…
…which could be meaningfully used and nurtured
…or which could be woefully misused and manipulated.

However, the tenants, who were trusted immensely…probably lost their focus on the real trust and diminished in their commitment and responsibility to their Master as well as their duty.

>> Their personal interests gained greater prominence over their entrusted duties.
>> Their selfish agenda gained the upper hand over the faithfulness to the Master.

This led to them to a total denial of all the emissaries and servants of the Master, who were sent to collect the produce.
>> This denial was extended even to the Master’s own Son!

This denial of the Son led to the letting loose of the anger and fury of the Just Master!
>> A squandering away of the responsible freedom, led to the downfall of the tenants!
>> A failure to give heed to the emissaries and servants caused them to face the Master’s rage!
>> A denial and rejection of the Master’s own Son, with a cruel intent, caused their destruction!

Are we also, as Christians, as tenants of the Heavenly Master failing in our responsibilities and duties?

The Lord has entrusted us with many responsibilities…
>> To promote and grow in our faith…
…. by a faithful prayer-life, co-operation with the graces of God, keeping away from a life of sin etc.

>> To be faithful to the vocation and works we are called to do…
… by constantly renewing our resolve in the works we do, remaining focussed on our calling etc.

>> To encourage others to increase in faith and in love of life…
… by being interested In their well-being, supporting them, teaching them etc.

The Lord presents Himself as the cornerstone…
… “the stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone..” (Mk 12: 10)

Jesus is the cornerstone…of Salvation.. of the Church.. of His People!

>> We need to find strength and support in this Cornerstone…
… the cornerstone to build a wonderful life in God and grow in holiness…
… the cornerstone to stand firm and strong in faith to withstand every storm of life…

Let us come to understand that the price of enjoyment always comes at a price: of responsibility.
>> And it is “freedom with responsibility” that ensures valid enjoyment and proper satisfaction.

May the intercession of the Saint of the Day, St Joan of Ark who said… 
“One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying”
…. be an inspiration for us.

God Bless! Live Jesus!

– Fr Jijo Manjackal msfs
  Bengaluru, India

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