Apr 24 (Lk 24:13-35)

A commonly known incident is told of a customs officer, who observed a truck coming up to the border.

The wary behaviour of the driver caused the customs officer to look at him with suspicion – of smuggling some goods – and he ordered a search of the vehicle.

The officer was pretty sure, that the driver was involved in smuggling something…

>> But even after a thorough search – of the panels, the bumpers, the wheel cases and other parts of the truck….

… he was unsuccessful!

Not convinced, but due to lack of proof, the customs officer had to wave the driver through.

This happened many times over the years – week after week….

The officer made the driver to go through rigorous searches: full body search, X Rays, Sonar…

… but nothing illicit was ever found!

Finally, the day arrived when the customs officer was to retire.

For one last time, the officer observed the same driver coming in…

… and he asked him: “I know you are a smuggler!

And I also know, very cleverly, you have been deceiving me all these years, and taking some goods beyond this check point.

Today is my last day at work.

>> So I pray you, to tell me what have you been smuggling all these years.

I promise that I will not tell anyone about it.”

Seeing the insistent pleading of the customs officer, the driver replied, coolly:


The customs officer had made a detailed check up of the driver, on several occasions.

>> But he missed the most obvious good that could have been smuggled: Trucks!

How often can this happen in our lives as well…

… We “miss the most obvious”!

The Gospel of the Day is a beautiful incident to “open our eyes” to see the obvious – the obvious reality of our Faith…

… and thus, to be convinced witnesses of this Good News of the Reality!

The post-Resurrectional narratives today presents before us the incident of our Risen Lord appearing to the two disciples on the way to Emmaus (Lk 24: 13-35).

One of the striking features that this passage presents before us is the human tendency (weakness!) to “miss the obvious!”

The two disciples, who are on the way to Emmaus, had been greatly struck by the incidents that had happened over the last one week in Jerusalem.

This therefore, resulted in them failing to “read the signs of symbols”…

>> Their Master, Jesus, in Whom they had placed all their hopes, had undergone a cruel death on the Cross (Lk 24:21).

… The CROSS, however, seemed, to them, purely as a sign of humiliation and shame!

>> This was followed by the report of some women who had seen the empty Tomb of the Lord (Lk 24:22)

… The EMPTY TOMB, however, seemed, to them, purely as a sign of dashed hopes and broken dreams

>> This confusion was confirmed by some of the other members of the group, but Him they had not met (Lk 24: 24)

… This ABSENCE of JESUS, however, seemed, to them, purely as a sign of a lost prospect and an uncertain future.

>> As they walked on the way, Jesus explained the Scriptures to them, to open their hearts to what was written about Him (Lk 24: 27)

… The SCRIPTURES, however, seemed, to them, purely as a sign of falling on deaf ears and God’s words being found empty.

>> As they reached the village, Jesus made movements as if to go on ahead (Lk 24: 28)

… The MOVEMENTS of JESUS, however, seemed, to them, purely a sign of a traveller wanting to move on with His journey

A number of symbols were presented to these disciples…

>> Cross, Empty Tomb, Absence of Jesus, Scriptures, Movements of Jesus

… but all of them seemed irrelevant and immaterial.

>> They failed to make an impact!


That’s when, our Blessed Lord would “open their eyes” by partaking in one of the most important post-resurrectional ‘Expression of His Presence’: The Breaking of Bread!

“He sat down to eat with them, took the bread, and said the blessing; then He broke the bread and gave it to them…

… then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him!” (Lk 24: 30-31)

The ‘Breaking of the Bread’ opened their eyes… and they began to “See the Obvious”

>> The Cross began to be seen as the Symbol of Victory!

>> The Empty Tomb began to be seen as the Symbol of God’s Almighty Power!

>> The Absence of Jesus began to be seen as the Symbol of His Presence amidst the community!

>> The Scriptures began to be seen as the Symbol of God’s Promises being fulfilled!

>> The Movements of Jesus began to be seen as the Symbol of the Lord alluring them to invite Him into their hearts and homes!

This incident invites us to also have our “eyes opened” and “see the obvious” in our Faith.

>> And this experience is deepened by our participation in the “Breaking of the Bread”.

The “Breaking of Bread” is the Holy Eucharist.

This incident of the “Breaking of Bread” contains the elements (Scripture, Prayer, Blessing, Breaking of bread) of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church…

… “Eucharistic celebration always includes: the proclamation of the Word of God; thanksgiving to God the Father for all his benefits, above all the gift of his Son; the consecration of bread and wine; and participation in the liturgical banquet by receiving the Lord’s body and blood.”

There are moments in our life, when we like the Disciples on the way to Emmaus, walk dejected and disillusioned.

… things seem lost for us and the future holds no good for us

… darkness seem to pervade our every thought

Like those Disciples, we too are given a lot of symbols of God’s Presence…

… but we fail to find meaning in them!

It is therefore the Breaking of the Bread – the Holy Eucharist – that can strengthen our Christian Life and “open our eyes”…

… to “see the obvious”!

May this powerful incident of the Emmaus Experience, help us to resolve and renew a few commitments with respect to the Holy Eucharist…

… to be more eager to participate for the Holy Mass as often as possible

… to never be late for Mass; instead to prepare well, and participate with more enthusiasm

… to seek to spend more time with the Eucharistic Lord and encourage others to do so as well

It is the Eucharist that can help us to know and realize that even in our “saddest walks of life”, the Lord is with us – walking with us, and giving us many signs and symbols of Faith…

>> And thus, to have our “eyes opened”…

… and “see the obvious” in our Life of Faith!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “ A good way of staying in God’s Presence is, is we are and ever wish to be…

… entirely at His disposal!”


Apr 23 (Jn 20:11-18)

A beautiful song that retells the story of receiving the “New Life” in Christ…

… is titled: “Let me start again!”

The wordings of the hymn go thus:

“Let me start again, Pick the pieces of my brokenness,

Fill the spaces in my emptiness, Let me start again!

Let me start with You Lord, Everything begins in You,

All my winnings and my loosings, all begin in You!”

This song beautifully captures the lives of many people who have discovered the “New Life” after an encounter with Christ.

The Gospel of the Day retells one such incident of “picking up the pieces of brokenness…

… and starting a new life again”

>> The Story of Mary Magdalene

We are still near the tomb of the Lord.

Mary Magdalene, the soul who loved the Lord so deeply, is still lingering around the tomb of the Lord.

>> She had experienced Divine Love in a great manner.

Her heart could not fully accept that the Lord who had transformed her life was no more

>> Her mind could take in the fact that the One whom she loved so deeply had gone away.

… and so she kept waiting.

True love always seeks…

>> True love always seeks to break boundaries, do away with hurdles and cast away any barriers

Finally, when she did encounter Him, her eyes were kept away from recognizing the Lord.

But the Lord did recognize her…

… not just her physical pains.. rather also her mental agony and her spiritual longing!

Our God is a God who…

… is specially close to His people in their moments of pain and suffering

… is particularly near to His people in their times of affliction and tribulations.

And so He asks her, “Woman, why are you weeping?” (Jn 20:13)

>> Mary had been incessantly weeping over the loss of her Beloved

>> Mary had been continuously shedding tears for the Lover of her soul.

However… these tears were not in vain….

… these tears were not lost in futility..

Rather, the Lord was storing them up carefully in a vial… in a bottle… in a wineskin

“O Lord.. You have stored my tears in a bottle” (Ps 56:8)

>> And these tears of affection, love and fondness was rewarded by the Lord, by calling her by name, “Mary!” (Jn 20:16)

The sweetness of that voice, calling out her name, wiped away every tear!

>> Her tears were turned to smiles… her mourning to comfort… her brokenness to immense joy!

Today, we are reminded the same…

>> We may have many broken pieces in our life…

It could be due to many reasons…

… maybe some personal crisis in life…

… maybe some brokenness in the family…

… maybe some tragedy or calamity to our closed ones…

Yet, the One who loves us the most – the Lord – is close to us…

… giving us the strength…

… offering to us the healing…

… to “pick up the broken pieces of our life” and to “start again!”

Just like Mary Magdalene, who continued to be faithful and longing for the Lord, let us also be steadfast to our God, despite our tears and pains and sadness.

>> This faithfulness to Him will surely win the reward for us…

… the reward of our names being called out by the Lord!

And thus, let us always trust and hope in the Love of the Lord…

>> As the words of that beautiful song “Let me start again” says:

“Come let me rise to greet the morning,

Let me catch the dew a-falling

Let the tidings of a new day keep my courage strong.

Let the darkness of my night cease…

… yes, the passion and anxieties.

With You there to hold me Jesus,

I’ll sing a bold new song!”

Happy Easter to all of you!

God bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “The quality of our life depends…

… on the quality of our love!”


Apr 22 (Easter Monday- Mt 28:8-15)

A commonly-known humorous narration is told about how Jesus and satan were having an argument about Who was better on the computer.

They said to each other: “Let’s set up a test that will run for three hours and then let’s see who does the better job!”

So Jesus and satan sat down at the keyboards and typed away.

>>They did spreadsheets.

>> They wrote reports.

>> They sent faxes.

>> They sent e-mails

>> They downloaded.

>> They did every known job.

But ten minutes before their time was up…

… lightning suddenly flashed across the sky

… thunder rolled

… the rain poured

>> And, of course, the electricity went off.

Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in the underworld.

>> Jesus just sighed and remained cool!

The electricity finally flickered back on and they restarted their computers.

Satan started searching his files frantically, screaming:

“It’s gone! It’s all gone!

>> I lost everything when the power went out!”

Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out, all of his files that He had worked on from the past three hours.

Satan observed this and became irate.

>> “Wait! You cheated, how did You do it?”

Jesus just shrugged and replied, “Don’t forget, I am Jesus!

>> The meaning of the name Jesus is: God Saves!”

Well… the three hours of the agonizing Death of Christ on the Cross, was seen as a sign of victory by Satan

>> The Kingdom of darkness had been conquered… so it was felt!

>> The world of misery had overcome all goodness… so it was felt!

But it was God who had the last laugh!

>> God raised Jesus from the dead, and Life and Salvation became the last words.

The Resurrection – Jesus’ rising from the dead – was the most spectacular joke that God had pulled on Satan.

It was a reminder that whatever happens in life…

… when one has entrusted everything to the Lord, then ultimately: God Saves!

Resurrection is a Feast with a call to celebrate and enjoy God’s magnificent victory over Satan and the powers of darkness.

The Gospel of the Day is the account of the encounter of Jesus with the women, who had come to the tomb of the Lord.

• At the desert, Satan had sought to make Jesus a fool, by tempting and luring Him through many temptations. (Mt 4: 1-10)

• During His life, the Lord encountered many occasions, when He was subject to being in humiliating, mocking and testing situations

• In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord once again faced a trying time in battling to embrace God’s Will totally and completely (Lk 22: 41-44)

• On the Cross, the soldiers and others who persecuted the Lord, mocked and challenged Him to come down from the Cross (Mk 15: 29-32)

At every stage of His Life, our Blessed Lord was put into situations of being the “butt of jokes” and the “laughingstock” and a target for many a trial, tribulations and mockeries.

>> The Crucifixion was meant to be the greatest of all such “agonizing” mockeries!


… Divine Wisdom always finds a way out to triumph!

… Divine Providence always regains the way to victory!

This is the message of the Resurrection.

The women who saw the empty tomb and encountered the Lord, were filled with a holy fear, a tremendous joy and a deep devotion (Mt 28: 8-9)

>> Divine Wisdom always, has the final laugh in every trial and tribulation!

Are we ready to share in the happiness of this “joyful” act of the Lord?

Life may bite us sharply with ensnaring temptations and evil tendencies…

>> Life may make a fool of us with mounting tensions and troubles…

>> Life may put us down badly with uncertainties and doubts…

We may often, find ourselves mocked.

>> We may often, find ourselves ridiculed.

But in all such situations, let us dare to look to our Crucified Lord…

… who Himself underwent painful mocking and unfair scorning…

>> Yet, had the final laugh, through the Resurrection from the dead!

The Resurrection gives us…

… every reason to rejoice, even in the midst of deadly trials…

… every cause to be joyful, even in the midst of heavy tribulations…

May the Risen Lord be the reason for us to rejoice and be joyful, thanking Him for the greatest joke ever – the crushing of Satan by the power of the Holy Cross!

Yes, in all moments of our struggles…

… even when the lightening of problems hit our lives

… even when the electricity of encouragement goes off

>> Let us entrust all our works and deeds to the Safe Hands of Jesus…

… because “God always saves!”

Happy Easter to all of you!

>> “Let Hallelujah be the joyful song that we radiate in all our thoughts, words and deeds!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Consider that after a deluge of sorrow, of torments, and of anguish…

… Our Savior rose from the tomb by His own power

>> He came forth by His own might.

Behold your Dear Jesus more triumphant than ever…

… behold the sign of Jonah come to pass

>> Behold your Dear Jesus alive!



We have entered into the Most Blessed Week in the Liturgical Calendar

>> The Holy Week commemorating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord.

• The Lord came to this world to die.

• The shadow of His cross was cast on every event of His life.

And now, we are ready to mingle ourselves with those Sacred Moments of commemorating His Cross.

1. Tomorrow, MONDAY, we have the Gospel wherein Mary anoints the feet of the Lord (Jn 12: 1-11)

We could ponder on some of the aspects…

a. The deep love of Mary

… Least bothered of what others felt.

… Least mindful of her own shame or dignity

All that mattered to her was Jesus and love for Him

>> Can I grow in my spiritual life, to possess such a unique and undivided love?

b. Danger of piety being covered up under the cloak of materialism, duplicity – Judas.

His focus was moved from “Following the Lord” to “Plotting against the Master”

>> Is my love for the Lord, losing its sheen and getting corrupted with worldliness?

2. On TUESDAY, we ponder with the Lord in His final discourse to His disciples (Jn 13: 21-33, 36-38)

We could dwell on some of the aspects…

a. The various attitudes towards the Lord, highlighted through the Disciples

… John, the beloved disciple, who could remain close to His heart.

… Simon Peter, the wavering disciple, genuinely wishing to follow the Lord, but failing often due to human limitations.

… Judas, the betraying disciple, in whom darkness had slowly encompassed and the night of sin was being encountered.

>> Am I growing in my love for the Lord, to be His beloved, or am I still floating on the waters of uncertainty or am I going downhill into spiritual darkness, failing to hold the hand of the Lord?

b. The prime importance needed in preparation to receive the Lord in the Holy Mass.

The Apostles had the privilege to participate in the First Holy Eucharist.

… however one of them, received the Lord with a deliberate and purposeful sin in the heart, which led to bringing death upon himself, at the reception of the Life-giving Bread.

>> Do I make the necessary preparations to receive the Lord worthily in the Holy Eucharist, growing in awareness of His presence in our hearts throughout the day, and in turn becoming a Eucharist to the needy in the world?

3. On WEDNESDAY, we reflect on the downfall of Judas (Mt 26: 14-25)

We could contemplate over some aspects…

a. Judas falls into the sin of avarice

One of the greatest dangers in life is that of misuse and attraction to money.

>> The Lord said, “Where thy treasure is, there thy heart too” (Mt 6:21)

>> Is my life too much attached to worldly pleasures, riches, powers, my own talents and capabilities that I fail to depend on the Lord and make Him the only and ultimate treasure of my life?

b. An insider is the one capable of being the greatest traitor and betrayer.

Among all the people who knew Jesus, The Twelve were chosen to be the closest.

… they shared the inner-most life and secrets of the Lord.

And therefore, the greatest danger was from one among them; and Judas Iscariot proved this right, by agreeing to betray his Master.

>> As an insider in the Church, am I betraying the Lord, by leading a lukewarm life, a scandalous life or a disinterested life?

4. On THURSDAY, we celebrate the Maundy Thursday.

The word Maundy comes the Latin word “Maundatum” which means Command.

Three commands were expressed by the Lord…

1. The Command of Love

2. The Command of Commemorating the God of Love in the Holy Eucharist

3. The Command of continuity of sharing in the Priesthood of Jesus, the Priest and Victim

>> Can I grow in this consciousness and conviction to carry out the commands of the Lord?

5. On FRIDAY, we live through the Passion, Agony and Death of the Lord.

He who was sinless made Himself sin, for you and me!

… He who was blameless took upon the whole blame, for you and me!

>> Shall we make and mould our lives for holiness, abandoning our sinful ways, to be in greater communion with the One who died so that we may have life, and life in its abundance?

6. On SATURDAY, we pray at the tomb of the Lord, contemplating…

…. His deep, immense and unconditional for each of us, personally

… His Divine Wisdom to redeem the world back to Himself, scripting the Greatest Story ever

Yes the days are here…

… with another chance to review our lives, and renew our love-life with the Lord.

St Francis de Sales says, “Calvary is the Mount of lovers

>> Our Greatest Lover is crucified there…as an expression of His love for us!

Let us realize that “The love which is not the fruit of the Passion, is feeble”.

Come, let us also tread to path towards Him on Calvary, with our Blessed Mamma

… purging our sins, growing in His love

… and thus seek to rise with Him, and sing our eternal song – “Alleluia! He is Risen”

Wish you a Blessed Holy Week!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Apr 14 (Palm [Passion] Sunday)

Entry into Jerusalem, 1303, Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

There is a cute story of Little Johnny who was sick on a Palm Sunday.

>> This prevented him from going to Church that day and stayed home with his mother.

His father returned from church holding a palm branch.

The little boy was curious and asked, “Why do you have that palm branch, dad?”

With joy, Daddy replied, “You see, Johny… When Jesus came into town, everyone waved palm branches to welcome and honour him; so we got palm branches today”

“Aw, Good Lord!” grumbled little Johnny. “The one Sunday I can’t go to church, and Jesus shows up!”

The innocence of Li’l Johny made him to feel that He had missed the Lord when He come to town.

But when we think a little deeper, we also realise, that sometimes we are similar…

We miss the Lord so often!

We fail to take notice of the Lord very many times!

• Every day at Holy Mass, the Lord, really, substantially and truly comes to us in the Holy Eucharist.

Do I miss to see and be nourished by Him?

• Every moment, we have His Holy Word in the Bible, through which the Lord reveals and teaches more about Himself.

Do I miss the chance to read and experience Him?

• Every now and then, we encounter the Lord through different situations and in many people in need, in despair, in absolute trouble.

Do I miss the opportunity to serve Him and to learn from Him?

We are entering into one of the most important weeks of the Liturgical year… The Holy Week!

And we commemorate the start of this Holy Week, with the Passion Sunday, also known as the Palm Sunday.

The Lord today enters the town, riding on a donkey. (Mk 11:7)

The donkey has a specific symbolism..

In the olden day, military officers engaged in war and battles would ride on the most efficient animals: the fast and furious warhorses.

But after the victory in the war, the victorious officers would parade into the city riding on…. yes, a donkey.

That was the reason why the people shouted out when they saw Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

In the First book of the Kings 1: 38-4, we read of how Prince Solomon used the royal donkey of his father David, for the ceremonial procession on the day of his coronation.

The new Solomon, Jesus, the True Prince of Peace and the King of Kings today enters His city, Jerusalem on a donkey as well!

• A new reign of peace was being signaled.

• A new kingdom of love was being ushered.

Are we ready to welcome the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace into our lives?

• He is not the glorious King of might and wealth…

But He is the Spectacular King who will reign on His throne of the Cross.

• He is not the proud Emperor who parades much show and pomp…

But He is the Wonderful Lord who displays His compassion and love by His wounds!

Are we ready to welcome this King into…

Our lives?

Our homes?

Our hearts?

The Passion of the Lord is about to begin…

>> Are we going to be part of the people who crucify Him…

…Or are we going to be people who repent of sins and seek to live a life worthy of the King?

He died for love of us.

>> He suffered to save each of us.

Are we going to remain stubborn and adamant and continue to be a people who shout, “Crucify Him”…

… Or shall we repent, fall on our knees, seek a transformation, and, with palm branches in our hands, truly exclaim and acclaim Jesus as the Lord, shouting, ” Hosanna to the King of Kings! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Wish you a Blessed Palm Sunday…

… and a Glorious Holy Week!

Let us be intimate with the Passion of the Lord and experience His tremendous love…so that we too may worthily and honestly shout, on Easter Sunday, “Alleluia! He is risen!”

God Bless! Live Jesus


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “The heart of a person who is open to receive the gift of God is like wax in God’s Hands, ready for every impression of the Eternal Will.

>> Such a heart knows no personal preference, equally prepared for anything…

… Its one aim, is the fulfilling of God’s Will.


Apr 13 (Jn 11:45-57)

A person who had his house near the forest, found a large number of rats that had infested his house.

Not finding an easy way to get rid of this menace…

… he went to the city to find a solution.

A flavoured poison for rats, attracted his attention and he bought a few to his house.

He kept a few of these boxes of flavoured poison around his house, including one under his bed.

That night he could not believe his eyes!

>> Below his bed, was a feeding frenzy…

… a number of rats were relishing the flavoured poison!

The following morning, he checked the boxed and found them all clean – perfectly licked!

In order to make sure that his plan would work, he tried the same method the following day as well..

… placing the boxes of flavoured poison everywhere.

The rats once again, savoured the “poisonous food” again!

But in the few days that followed…

… everything was quiet!

The tasty and popular “food” did its trick!

All what is “popular” need not, always be good!

>> Some “popular” things can lead to “death and destruction!”

The one who chooses “goodness over popularity”…

… are the ones who will prevail and persevere!

The Gospel of the Day is the presentation of how Jesus remains as a Symbol of “Goodness being chosen over popularity”…

… in the face of extreme hatred and pitiless feelings.

Life often crushes us and cause immense disappointments.

• When things don’t shape up as we plan, we get greatly frustrated.

• When people don’t behave in the way we expect, we get totally devastated.

But through today’s Gospel reading, the Lord invites us…

… to not get shattered or disappointed with life’s bad-turns or evil-leanings…

…Rather, to gather strength and courage to fight the evil, arm oneself in faith and hope and seek to live a life of holiness and conviction…

>> “Seek Goodness over popularity!”

The Gospel of the day, on this eve of the Holy Week, introduces us to culmination of the sharp antagonism and hatred that was building up against Jesus.

Jesus had raised up the dead Lazarus (Jn 11: 1-43)

This event garnered a lot of attention…

… many people began to believe in the person of Jesus, as the Messiah and Lord.

>> But many others, also began to have a greater bitterness towards this Man who was working wonders!

Many people grew in their following of Jesus and placed a greater trust and confidence in Him

>> But many others, had their flames of jealousy intensified and began to have greater plotting to finish off the “law-breaker” and “blasphemer”

• The good that the Lord had done, was apparently turning out to be an evil for the Lord!

• The “life-giving” action of the Lord would immediately result in a “life-taking” act on Him!

• The event of blessing to Lazarus would apparently turned out to result in an occasion of curse on Him [since dying on the cross was considered to be a curse ( Deut 21: 23)]!

In the ensuing planning and plotting by the chief priests and the Pharisees, the High Priest said, “… it is better for you that one man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish” (Jn 11: 50)

• Jesus had grown to be a big threat for them

• Jesus had gathered up much popularity and had become a menace for the leaders.

Therefore, the High Priest suggested a “quick-solution”… to kill Jesus!

But, everything in life has a purpose…

… Because God is the ultimate ruler, preserver and nurturer of this universe!

• They plotted death but God planned life

• They were selfish but God made Him the Saviour

• They sought for political gain, but God ensured spiritual gain.

• They hoped to spare one nation, but God saved the whole world.

• They intended the worst evil for Jesus but God turned it into the greatest good.

• They wished to scatter all His followers, but God brought them together as one holy nation.

Our life also follows this same pattern…

• The events we think are bad, also have a purpose in God’s mind.

• The moments that we consider as cursed, also can be turned to a blessing by God.

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to accept this teaching… too difficult to understand this concept…

But we have a beautiful answer in this our painful moments: the Cross.

Look to the Cross and find strength from Him…

… who was abused though He was pure

… who suffered immensely, thought He was faultless.

… who underwent tremendous agony, thought He was sinless.

This was the way of God…

…mysterious to us, but life saving for the world.

… baffling for us, but redemptive for the world.

What is most important is not to get discouraged or disheartened…rather…

… to seek the Lord wholeheartedly in all those situations

… to be faithful to the Lord in steadfastness and patience.

.. to be strong and joyful, finding strength in the love of the Lord.


…YES… everything in life, happens for good!

All what is “popular” need not, always be good!

… b’cos some “popular” things can lead to “death and destruction!”

The one who chooses “goodness over popularity”…

… are the ones who will prevail and persevere!

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Honours, ranks and dignities are like saffron…

… which grows better and flourishes when trampled underfoot!”


Apr 12 (Jn 10:31-42)

“We are strewn all over the ground.

Some of us are considered useless….

Some of us are just stamped upon…

Some are made use in some hard labour…

Some of us… well…some of us, however, are made use for some inhuman practices.

This includes making use of some of us, to hurt others… to cause pains and wounds to others…and some even to cause fatal deaths!

Our life is often long… but sometimes, such kind of painful moments and incidents, ooze out any bit of feelings we may have (though we are considered not to be having any sentiments!)

Are you wondering who we are?


… we are the family of stones!

Yep.. .Stones!

Strewn all over…

Sometimes useless, right?

Sometimes just stamped upon, right?

Sometimes just made use for hard labour, right?

But sometimes, some of us, the stones … also become objects of injuring and causing pain to others…

One such occasion was when, as you read in the Gospel of St John 8… some of us were picked up by a gang of highly malicious, judgmental and selfish people, to cause death to a woman who was caught in an act of immorality.

• We were ready to thrown on that woman.

• We were set to become objects of brutality and terror.

However, that day, we encountered the most amazing personality.

He had glorious eyes.

He had a breathtaking voice.

He had a tremendous authority.

His name was Jesus!

>> And His one sentence, “He who is without sin, let him be the first to stone” dropped the jaws of all those blood-thirsty and cruel people.

We were all released from their hands.

>> We saw them all turning their backs and going home, in shame.

>> We also saw, the wonderful triumph of Mercy and Love and Compassion.

However, a few days later, some of us were soon back to find ourselves in the hands of those blood-thirsty men.

>> This time, the target was none other than that same charismatic person named Jesus.

You read about that in John 10:31, “The Jews took up stones again to stone Jesus”

We were left wondering why this innocent man was being targeted so badly.

• He was after all preaching the Kingdom of God.

• He was bringing the message of God’s Love and salvation to the world.

By His Life, He was declaring Himself to be the Messiah from God.

>> By His works, He was also proving Himself to be the Son of God.

But none of these “clear-cut” evidences were able to convince those people.

• They still believed that Jesus was a blasphemer.

• They still were determined to think that Jesus was a heretic.

And so they picked us up…yes, we the stones… to indulge themselves in a blood-bath of the Blessed Man of claimed Himself to be the Lord and Saviour of the World!

Our thoughts go out to those people who wanted to stone….

• God had blessed them with such beautiful hearts.

• God had showered them with so much of wisdom to discern and understand.

Yet, they failed to make use of these divine gifts and instead, had hardened their hearts!

What a pity, that those human beings had become like us… stones!

Yes, just how could they become stone-hearted??

>> Stone-hearted… that they failed to be open to the possibility of God’s hand at work.

>> Stone hearted… that they were adamant to be closed to any explanation of the Lord.

>> Stone-hearted… that they were stubborn to listen to the voice of God’s Spirit in their lives.

We, the stones, now appeal to you, dear readers….To be wary and examine your lives:

Are you also sometimes acquiring a nature like us, the stones…

… hard to the feelings of other people and failing to understand them?

… rigid to the inspirations of the Spirit of God and not letting Him work in your lives?

… inflexible to have changes and transformations in life, to attune oneself to God’s Will?

There are many of us in the world…

>> On your streets, on your roads… we are all, indeed strewn all over the place…the stones.

But we sincerely beg you…

… not to let your hearts to become like us

… not to let your lives to be similar to our nature.

Let the world have more of, not stony-hearts, but tender, loving, understanding and compassionate hearts…

>> Let the world have more of, not hardened souls, but docile, open, submissive and humble lives…

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “ We do not become perfect by the multiplicity of exercises, penances and austerities…

… but rather by the purity of love with which we do them!”


Apr 9 (Jn 8:21-30)

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.

Though it has many and wide range of reasons and factors, the cause is frequently attributed to mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

>> Stress factors such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships also often play a key role.

In this fast-paced world, where indifference has grown in a humongous manner, suicide is certainly one great tendency and trend.

This suicide is, mainly, of the physical order.

• How many of us have, however, thought of the threat of suicide occurring, even with respect to our spiritual life?

• How many of us, have considered, that there is a danger of suicide happening, even with respect to our life of faith?

The Gospel of the Day is a warning to be aware of the danger of “suicide” from a spiritual angle that can occur in the soul of each person.

Jesus continues His revelation to the people, of He, being the ambassador of God, His Father.

He tells the people that “I am going away and you will look for me, but you will die in your sin” (Jn 8: 21)

The Lord refers to “dying in one’s sin”

This aspect of “dying in one’s sin”, which would be equivalent to a person committing suicide in the spiritual sense, could consist of various ways:

1. A person dangers oneself to “suicide” in the spiritual sense, when one is too self-righteous – an attitude of “I know everything – even more than God!”

When Jesus told that He is going away, the Jews said, “He is not going to kill Himself, is He, because He said, “Where I am going, you cannot come?” (Jn 8:22)

The Jews failed to understand the words of the Lord, because they were filled with pride of their knowledge, and considered themselves to know everything.

They were filled with a certain obstinacy in being open to the words of the Lord, and failed to see that there could be also other possibilities of looking at the words of Jesus.

2. A person risks the danger of “suicide” with respect to one’s faith, when one fails to set one’s eyes heavenward, and instead gets fixated with earthly things.

Jesus said to the Jews, ”You belong to what is below. I belong to what is above. You belong to this world, but I do not belong to this world” (Jn 8: 23)

The Jews had their thoughts and deeds centred only on the things of this world and failed to transcend their minds heavenward.

They were filled with a certain worldliness that made their concerns to be limited.

They were unable to understand the heavenly realities that the Lord presented before them, and even shut their eyes to make an attempt to understand them

3. A person exposes oneself to the perils of “suicide” from the spiritual point of view, when one is wilfully ignorant of the Truth.

Though Jesus had spoken much, performed much, the Jews still ask Him,” Who are you?” Jesus then said to them, “What I told you from the beginning” (Jn 8: 25)

The Jews had great many opportunities to discover faith in the Lord, as He had exposed them to many great wonders, taught several teachings and performed many deeds to show His divinity.

Though, they were learned in their scripture and laws, they failed to recognise the Source of the Scripture and the Giver of the Law.

• Their minds were adamantly closed to the Reality.

• Their hearts were purposely shut to the Truth.

The Lord moaned that these Jews were risking the danger of “committing suicide” spiritually…

… of “dying in one’s sins”.

This warning is addressed to us also….

• Am I exposing myself to the risk of “losing my life, in sin”?

• Am I endangering myself to the peril of “forfeiting my soul, in sin?”

Let us be wary of these menaces…

… to be adamantly self-righteous and being proud with our own knowledge and failing to trust in the mighty wisdom and power of the Lord.

… to be engrossed only in the affairs of this world and failing to raise our hearts to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”.

… to be obstinately closed in spirit, to the promptings of the Lord through various inspirations and failing to see the hand of God in the wonders that occur in our lives.

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “Christian Doctrine clearly proposes to us…

… the truths, God wills us to believe

… the goods, He wills us to hope for

… the punishments, He wills us to fear

… the things, He wills us to love

… the commandments, He wills us to fulfil

… and the counsels, He desires us to follow

>> All of this is called the Signified Will of God, because He has signified and made manifest His Will and that intention…

… that these things should be believed, hoped for, feared, loved and practised!”


Apr 8 (Jn 8:11-20)

The story is told of a poor little girl who was shivering her way along a main street in a great city on a cold evening.

Seeing the beautiful lights of a church building and hearing the music coming from within, she went in and warmed herself as she listened.

The homily of the day was on the verse: “I am the light of the world.”

After the Mass, she went to the priest and said: “Did you say you are the light of the world, sir?”

The priest replied: “No, dear child. Christ is the light of the world…

… and I am only trying to reflect His Light!”

The little lass looked at him for a moment, and then solemnly requested:

“Well, sir, I wish, you would come down and hang out in our street…

… ’cause it’s awful dark down there!”

As Christians, we are to reflect the Light of Christ!

>> Are we ready to “come down and hang out” in some dark streets of our world?

The Gospel of the Day is the declaration of Jesus as “the Light of the World”…

… and the subsequent opposition and rejection by the Pharisees.

John 1:4 describes: “In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of men.”

Jesus as the “Light of the world” brought hope and happiness in the life of the people…

… restored health to the sick

… dignity to the shamed

… hope to the rejected

However, not all received this “Light” in a positive manner.

The Pharisees, the scribes and the elders of the Law, considered Jesus to be…

… a stumbling block

… a thorn in the flesh

And so they failed to understand and accept the “Light of the world!”

What about us?

Do we accept “Jesus, the Light of the world?”

… Do we allow Him to illuminate in all the areas of our life?

… Do we permit Him to shine forth in all our thoughts, words and deeds?

Accepting Jesus as the “Light of the world” implies doing away with…

… all our habits of darkness – laziness, criticizing, rash judgments etc

… all our dark tendencies of the mind – jealousy, pride, lust etc

Accepting Jesus as the “Light of the world” also means that we in turn are to be “light in the lives of people!”

>> “You are the light of the world… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Mt. 5:14-15).

The Season of Lent is an encouraging time to consciously practise “acts of light in the lives of people.”

We could…

>> Have bodily fasting or abstinence…

… and share some of the resources with the needy

>> Have “social media or internet” abstinence…

… and use the time in engaging in charitable works or spending time with the needy

>> Have “vices or bad tendencies” abstinence…

… and grow in the practise of virtues and holiness

Let the last two weeks of Lent be a time for renewing and strengthening our spiritual observances…

… so that we may truly seek to be a “light in the darkness!”

Yes, as Christians, we are to reflect the Light of Christ!

>> Are we ready to “come down and hang out” in some dark streets of our world?

God Bless! Live Jesus!


Quotable-quote-a-day-with-St Francis de Sales (SFS) – “It is love that gives value to all our works; it is not by the greatness or multiplicity of our works that we please God…

… but by the love with which we do them!”