✝💫 REFLECTION CAPSULES – May 20, 2023: Saturday

“Realizing that God is walking with us, through every stormy and rainy situations of life!”

(Based on Acts 18:23-28 and Jn 16:23b-28 Saturday of the 6th Week of Easter)

A cute story is told of six year old Sally.

Sally loved to walk to and from, school, daily.

One evening, as she came back from school, it was too cloudy.

The skies were dark; with a frightening intervention of lightning and thunder.
But Sally still enjoyed to walk in those overcast conditions.

As she reached home, her mother was extremely worried.

More than anything, she was worried that her little daughter would be extremely frightened by the heavy storm and the peals of thunder and lightning.

However, as the mother saw her daughter coming from far, towards home, she was surprised.

She could see her little daughter looking up to the skies, every time a lightning flashed.

In curiosity, the mother asked the daughter, when she reached home:
“My child, were you not afraid of this dreadful climate? And why at all were you looking up, every time that there was a lightning?”

The little girl, with all her innocence said:

“Why at all should I be worried, Mamma?
God is always walking with me, isn’t it?

And moreover, today, He was taking pictures of me. So I kept looking at those flashes with a big smile!”

Well, that’s the innocent heart of a child…
… who trusts in God, and knows that He would be with her, in all the walks of life!

How happy are we, if we recognize that our Heavenly Father is deeply in love with us, His children…
… and never ceases to express His caring affection to us, at every moment.

The Gospel of the Day is a testimony to Jesus affirming the assuring and loving presence of God, our Heavenly Father.

Jesus declares these beautiful words, which ought to be inscribed in golden shades, on the canvas of our hearts, “… the Father Himself loves you…” (Jn 16: 27a)

This is indeed one of the mightiest and loftiest truth that we all need to know, experience, be convinced of, and live constantly in its assurance…
… the truth that “The Father Himself loves us!”

Every person longs for love and longs to be cared for…

Human love, however, sometimes fails to answer to this basic and essential need.

Sometimes people around us get too busy, to even care for us…
Sometimes, people from whom we expect love, fail to understand our need…
Sometimes, people who ought to care for us, fall short of their responsibility….

All this could leave a feeling a hurt within us.

All this could imprint a wound of sadness inside of us.

But in such moments of feeling lonely and desperation, especially, Jesus assures and promises us that we are not abandoned or left lonely…

Instead Jesus emphatically proclaims that just as He was loved by His Father, we too are loved by our Heavenly Father!
It is confidence in this tremendous love of the Father…
… that will make us to seek whatever we wish in life, knowing that our prayers will be answered, in the way and the time, that He, My Father wishes! (Jn 16: 26)

His Love will make me delight in His Will, letting go of my personal desires!

It is conviction in this unconditional love of the Father…
… that will make us to enjoy a deep sense of joy and bliss, knowing that in any situation of gloom or sadness or tension or worry, He, My Father, is taking me through! (Jn 16: 24)

His Love will make me want to do only His Will, setting aside my individual wantings!

Our Heavenly Father, our Abba is in deep love of each one of us…

The Crucifix is the proof of this “mad love” of the Father.

May we, with His grace, deepen our love and conviction in the Amazing Love of the Father.

He is busy… but busy expressing His tender love to us.
He is busy writing… writing His letters of His precious love to us.

May we always realize that He is walking with us, through every stormy and rainy situations of life…
… and we can boldly look up to the pealing flashes of troubles, with a smile, acknowledging: “My God is always with me!”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

The parties to a marriage covenant are a baptized man and woman, free to contract marriage, who freely express their consent; “to be free” means:

  • not being under constraint;

– not impeded by any natural or ecclesiastical law. (CCC # 1625)

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