✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULE – July 22, 2022: Friday

“May St Mary Magdalene help us to understand that ‘Love transforms everything!’ and thus do everything with greater passion!”

(Based on the Feast of St Mary Magdalene)

A Dutch diamond collector was seeking for a very rare diamond.

A diamond dealer in New York heard of this inquiry and contacted him…
… letting him know that he believed he possessed the diamond he was looking for.

The diamond collector arrived…
… and the dealer had his salesman present the diamond.

The salesman described all the technical aspects of the diamond.

However within minutes, the diamond collector rose his hand and said: “I am sorry! This is not the diamond I am looking for”…
… and began to walk away.

Watching from a distance, the diamond dealer hurriedly intercepted him…
… and he asked him if he could present the diamond again.

Since he had travelled a long distance, the collector agreed to listen once again.

The dealer pulled out the same diamond and started describing his admiration for this particular diamond.

Within minutes they were signing papers, and the diamond was purchased.

As the gentleman was walking out, he asked, what just happened?

Why was it so easy for me to say no to your salesman a little while ago, while with you I purchased the diamond?

The dealer replied: “That salesman is the best in the business.

He knows more about diamonds than anyone, including myself, and I pay him a large salary for his knowledge and expertise.

But I would gladly pay him twice as much if I could put into him something I have which he lacks.
You see, he knows diamonds…
… but I love them!”

Love transforms everything!

Love adds passion in any activity we do.

Today we celebrate the Feast of one such person who deeply loved the Lord – St Mary Magdalene.

The Bible presents St Mary Magdalene as a woman who loved Jesus intensely and passionately.

She teaches us remarkable things for each one of us to Love the Lord deeper:

  1. She Followed Him
    Luke 8:2 presents Mary Magdalene as having been cured of seven demons.
    Her experience of the Healing of the Lord, made her to Follow Jesus, in His ministry of preaching and healing.

Am I following the Lord?

All have us have, in our life, have experienced the power of the Lord.

But do I truly follow the Lord?

  1. She was Persistent to seek Him
    The Death of her Lord had rocked Mary Magdalene…
    … and she seeks persistently, in the tomb where Jesus was laid.

Even though she witnessed an empty tomb, her heart longed to see the Saviour…. “so she stayed outside the tomb weeping” (Jn 20:11).

Am I persistent to seek the Lord?

I have often had setbacks in my prayer life, work situations & aspirations.

But do I still persevere in looking for the Lord?

  1. She was Single-hearted in her search for Him
    In her search for Jesus, whom she misunderstood as a gardener, Mary Magdalene expresses her sincerity and frankness and single-mindedness – “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.” (Jn 20:15)

She sought no empty phrases or consolations…but the Lord alone!
Nothing and none else could suffice her… but the Lord alone!

Am I single-hearted in my search for the Lord?

I am sometimes content with fleeting pleasures, transitory consolation and momentary comforts in my spiritual life.

Do I rather be single-hearted in my longing for the Lord?

  1. She was enthusiastic about Him
    Once she recognized the ordinary gardener as her Precious Master, Mary Magdalene is enthusiastic and fervent about Him.
    Nothing could stop her from proclaiming Him.

In the words of St Bernard, “she became an apostle to the Apostles”.

Am I enthusiastic in my life?

As a Christian, I have in me the influencing, the powerful and the salvific good news of the Lord.

Am I enthusiastic in sharing about the Lord to others?

Let us learn from St Mary Magdalene…
… her commitment in following of Jesus
… her persistence in waiting for Jesus, her single-heartedness in searching for Jesus, and her enthusiasm in telling others about Jesus.

St Mary Magdalene…
… is a beautiful model of being a Disciple
… is a wonderful example of being a Divine-Seeker
… is a classic illustration of being a Dispenser of the Good News

St. Mary Magdalene holds a unique place in the history of Jesus.

The One who rose from the grave of death, appeared first to her, who herself experienced a rising from the grave of sin!

She was the first (as per the Gospel accounts) to see Him alive and the first to hear His voice.
She became the first evangelist in Christian history.
She is the mourner who turned into a missionary!

Let us passionately love the Lord, like St Mary Magdalene,
… ‘cos there isn’t an ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can keep…
… keep us away, away from His love!

As Christians it is not enough that we “know about Christ”…
… it is more important “to know Christ” and to love Him!

May St Mary Magdalene help us to understand that “Love transforms everything!”

Love adds passion to any activity we do.

Happy Feast of St Mary Magdalene – the Disciple, the Divine-Seeker, the Dispenser of the Good News!

Happy Feast of Tender Love and Mercy to all!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

“From that time on the apostles, in fulfilment of Christ’s will, imparted to the newly baptized by the laying on of hands the gift of the Spirit that completes the grace of Baptism.
For this reason in the Letter to the Hebrews the doctrine concerning Baptism and the laying on of hands is listed among the first elements of Christian instruction.
The imposition of hands is rightly recognized by the Catholic tradition as the origin of the sacrament of Confirmation, which in a certain way perpetuates the grace of Pentecost in the Church.”
Very early, the better to signify the gift of the Holy Spirit, an anointing with perfumed oil (chrism) was added to the laying on of hands.
This anointing highlights the name “Christian,” which means “anointed” and derives from that of Christ himself whom God “anointed with the Holy Spirit.”
This rite of anointing has continued ever since, in both East and West. For this reason the Eastern Churches call this sacrament Chrismation, anointing with chrism, or myron which means “chrism.”

In the West, Confirmation suggests both the ratification of Baptism, thus completing Christian initiation, and the strengthening of baptismal grace – both fruits of the Holy Spirit. (CCC # 1288-1289)

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