✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULE – July 13, 2022: Wednesday

“Being bold to have a child-like attitude!”

(Based on Is 10:5-7, 13b-16 and Mt 11:25-27 – Wednesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 2)

Eight-year-old Charles was affected with brain cancer.

As part of his treatment, following a surgery, he underwent chemotherapy.
(Chemotherapy affects all cells – healthy as well as cancer cells.
As a result, hair fall is one of the commonly affecting side-effects)

When Charles’ hair began to fall out in large clumps, it was decided to shave his head completely.

A few days later, Charles went to school.

The class teacher explained to her little students about the situation of Charles and why his hairs had to be shaved off.

The following day, the teacher was in for a surprise…

She saw all the 38 boys of her class with bald heads!

On enquiring, the leader of the class stood up and said:
“We shaved off our heads, so that Charles doesn’t feel lonely!
This is our way to support and encourage him – being bald, so that he can be bold!”

The teacher had tears in her eyes…
… and with a great sense of honour for her kids, she wrote on the blackboard:
“Bald heads and Bold Hearts!”

Children have wonderful characteristics, isn’t it?

They sympathize and share

They are loving and loyal
They accept and admire
They forgive and forget
They try and trust

Is it any surprise that Jesus used children as an example to be imitated?

BIG things often come in small packages!

BIG innovations are made by those who lower themselves, to seek higher!!
BIG mysteries are experienced by those who make themselves little, to be in awe of them!!!

What is it that prevents us becoming child-like?

The Gospel of the Day presents Jesus thanking the Father for His gracious wisdom…
… and for His revelations to Little Children (to babes)! (Mt 10:25)

The Lord today His raises heart to the Father in praise:
“I give praise to You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the childlike” (Mt 11:25)

It is a sad truth that those who THINK THEY KNOW, often FAIL TO LEARN
… those who assume to be Learned, often fall short of being taught
… those who presuppose to be Wise, mostly are unsuccessful in discovering newer truths.

Many of the Pharisees and the Scribes, during Jesus’ time, belonged to this category.

Jesus, the teacher-par-excellence came explaining the Truth and the Mystery of the Law…

The wise and learned of the society failed to assimilate Him.
The simple and the open-hearted – the disciples and others – were able to accept Him!

For our Spiritual Life…
… Kids can teach us much
… Little children can educate us to a great extent

  1. A Sense of Total Dependence
    Little children depend on the elders for their sustenance.

We need to depend on God, who is our Father and who loves to lavish His goodness on us.

This does not, of course mean, a lazy attitude to life…
… rather, we ought to have a Holy Disposition, of realizing, that “Whatever happens in my Life, I know, God will take care of me!”

Have I lost my Sense of Total Dependence on God?

  1. An attitude of Immense Enthusiasm
    Little children are full of life, vigour and enthusiasm.

The story of many of our lives could be sadly declared as, “Died at 30, buried at 70!”

The modern day tension and worries of life take away the zing and dynamism from our lives…

We tend to become…
… a people of routine
… an individual of listlessness
…. a society of apathy
… and an order of sluggishness

Life becomes boring
Life turns out to be lacklustre.

Have I lost the attitude of Immense Enthusiasm?

  1. A Touch of Tenderness

Little children symbolize tenderness and warmth.

Our hustle-bustle lives, often, tend to be wrapped with…
… rude words
… tough looks
… angry gestures
… and impolite manners.

Our hearts lose tenderness.
Our eyes remain shut in callousness.

Have I lost the touch of Tenderness?

Do we want to climb the ladder of sanctity?
Do we want to possess God?
Do we want to penetrate into the deeper mysteries of the kingdom of God?

There is one sure way: By being a Child in our heavenly Father’s arms.
… The more little we become, the more elevated we will be!

“The attitude of our life determines our altitude in life!”

Jesus invites and challenges us to be child-like:
With BALD HEADS (shaven of our pride!)
… and BOLD HEARTS (total dependence on the Father!)

Are we ready… to have “Bald Heads” and “Bold Hearts?”

God Bless! Live Jesus!

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

The different effects of Baptism are signified by the perceptible elements of the sacramental rite.
Immersion in water symbolizes not only death and purification, but also regeneration and renewal.

Thus the two principal effects are purification from sins and new birth in the Holy Spirit. (CCC # 1262)

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