✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULES – June 24, 2022: Friday

“As we gaze at the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are reminded: ‘This Heart of Mine, is just for you! Can you also give me your heart…?”

(Based on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

A youngster who was pretty desperate in life – contemplating even of terminating his life – exasperated and lost, was passing along the streets, when he heard the Church bells ringing for the Angelus at noontime.

Something in him, made him go inside the Church.

As he went in, he saw a large statue of Jesus…
… with the Sacred Heart of Jesus prominently displayed

And underneath the statue were written words…
… beautiful words that would bring him much consolation, hope and joy

So much so, that he would take a resolution to amend his life and to live with greater hope and joy!

The words were as follows:
“As you look into My Heart… remember always, these words:

There is an Eye that never sleeps, even beneath the wing of night
… just for you!
There is a Ear that never shuts, even when sink the beams of light
… just for you!
There is an Arm that never tires, even when human strength gives way
… just for you!
There is a Love that never fails, even when earthly loves decay
… just for you!
And… there is a Heart that never stops beating, even when trials of life lash you hard
… just for you!

This Heart of Mine… is just for you!

Can you also give me your life…?
… and tell me, “LORD, JUST FOR YOU!”

Today on this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we contemplate in adoration and meditation on the Heart of our Blessed Lord – pierced and broken and shared – in love for each one of us…
… as He tells us, “This Heart of Mine… is just for you!”

Love, by its nature, gives away…

The Sacred Heart of our Blessed Lord – which is deep-rooted in Mercy and Compassion – bears wounds and patches that are symbolic of His Passionate Love for all of us!

In the year 1673, Our Blessed Lord appeared to St. Margaret Mary and made her rest her head upon His Heart; and during which He revealed to her the wonders of His love.

He revealed to her, His Sacred Heart, and requested her to establish the Feast of the Sacred Heart – the Friday after the Corpus Christi, the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ- to make reparation for sins that offend His Sacred Heart.

In her vision, she saw His wounded heart, on fire with love, saying, “Behold this Heart which has loved men so much and has received such little love in return.”

It was on June 11, 1899, Pope Leo XIII solemnly consecrated the whole of humankind to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Gospel of John describes how the Heart of our Blessed Lord was pierced with a lance, on Mount Calvary: “But one soldier thrust his lance into His side, and immediately blood and water flowed out” (Jn 19: 34)

The Catholic tradition identifies the water as the symbol of Baptism and the Blood as the symbol of the Holy Eucharist.

The Water symbolizes purification.
The Blood symbolizes atonement.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is today one of the most recognizable symbols of the Christian faith.

The picture consists of the Heart, with the wound of the lance in its side, a crown of thorns about it, a cross above it and flames surrounding it.

This Sacred Heart of Jesus represents not only His physical heart but His love for all humankind.

Lk 15:3-7 displays this beautiful Heart of the Good Shepherd, Who goes in search of the lost one!

This Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of the Lord teaches us many things…
a. It teaches us the immense love that the Lord possesses for each one of us, personally.

Have I experienced the tremendous love that the Lord has for me?

I may feel low. I may consider myself to be not very good.
I may think that my life is just not worth living or that my past has ruined my life very badly.

Even with all these things, am I convinced that “Jesus still loves me”, and that He will take me through, by the power of His love?

b. It teaches us the pain and the agony that the Lord still undergoes as a result of our sin and the sins of the world

Do I realize that a sinful life brings tears to the Lord and causes more wounds to the Precious Heart of the Lord?

There is nothing that pains the Lord more than sin.

It was for our salvation that He shed even the last drop of His blood.
He not just wants, but insists and demands and commands us to live in holiness.

Do I give heed to this “passionate and sincere” call of the Lord to live our lives in sanctity and accordance with God’s Will in my life?

c. It teaches us the need to be part of the process of redemption that Christ has won for us and to be shareholders in His mission of bringing God’s love to all

Do I become aware that Christ is calling me to be part of His redemptive work of salvation?

Christ still suffers and undergoes pains. From the Cross, He cried, “I thirst” (Jn 19: 28)

He desires that people who have known and experienced His love become effective agents of bringing His love to others.

By a life of sacrifices (tiny or great… little or huge), by simple acts of love, compassion and mercy and by greater participation in the Sacramental Life of the Church…
… the love of the Sacred Heart can be brought to many more people.

Am I willing to take up this responsibility that the Lord is handing on to us?

The Heart of the Lord is pierced, broken and shared for each one of us.

In the Holy Eucharist, we have the privilege to receive this greatest treasure.
In turn, we are to break our hearts and share it with others, to bring the love and compassion of the Lord to the world.

May this Solemnity of the Precious Symbol of True Love stir the flames of God’s Love in our hearts and inspire us to set ablaze the world on fire, with His Love and Compassion!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, may we ever remain close to You!

With St Francis de Sales, the Doctor of Love, let us pray:
“May Thy Heart dwell always in our hearts!
May Thy Blood ever flow in the veins of our souls!
O Sun of our hearts,
Thou givest life to all things by the rays of Thy Goodness!
I will not go until Thy Heart has strengthened me, O Lord Jesus!
May the Heart of Jesus be the king of my heart!
Blessed be God. Amen.”

As we gaze at the Sacred Heart, we are reminded:
“This Heart of Mine… is just for you! Can you also give me your heart…?
… and tell me, “LORD, JUST FOR YOU!”

Happy Feast of the Most Blessed Heart of the Lord!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

The proclamation of the Word of God enlightens the candidates and the assembly with the revealed truth and elicits the response of faith, which is inseparable from Baptism.
Indeed Baptism is “the sacrament of faith” in a particular way, since it is the sacramental entry into the life of faith.
Since Baptism signifies liberation from sin and from its instigator the devil, one or more exorcisms are pronounced over the candidate.
The celebrant then anoints him with the oil of catechumens, or lays his hands on him, and he explicitly renounces Satan.

Thus prepared, he is able to confess the faith of the Church, to which he will be “entrusted” by Baptism. (CCC #1236-1237)

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