✝️ REFLECTION CAPSULE – May 08, 2022: Sunday

“Never forgetting that ‘Jesus Christ is precious and He loves
us very much!'”

(Based on Acts 13:14, 43-52, Rev 7:9, 14-17 and Jn 10:27-30– 4th Sunday in Easter, Year C)

A story is said of an elderly priest who was known for his
deep piety, committed service and profound conviction in

His old age had rendered him nearly blind and he
even found it quite hard to breathe normally…
… and in fact, struggled to speak even in whispers!

However, despite his old age, he loved to visit prayer
meetings to speak about the love of Christ.

He would take the
help of the catechist to get his message delivered to the people

Once, while preaching, he repeated the sentence: 
“Jesus Christ is precious and He loves you very much!”

The catechist, thinking that the priest had made a mistake…
… reminded and whispered to him, “Father, you have already
said that statement twice!”

The priest, turning to the catechist said in a strong tone, “Yes, I
know I have said it twice, and I will say it once again!”

And so saying, with a firm and convincing voice, he told the
people, “Jesus Christ is precious and He loves you very much!”

The priest re-iterated to the people how Precious the Love of
God is!

Have we discovered and tasted the deep Love of God in
our lives?

God our Father loves us so much that He goes to any extent to
ensure His protection, care and love. 

Jesus, in today’s Gospel, tells us, “My Father, who has given
them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch
them out of the Father’s hand!” (Jn 10:29)

All the pages of the Bible speak to us one important Truth:
God is intimately involved with our lives!

He is not far away.

He constantly and consistently longs to have us with Him. 

Jesus reminds us that as His sheep, we ought to “hear His
Voice, know Him and follow Him!” (Cf. Jn 10:27)

This imagery of the Lord, as a Good Shepherd, is a very
consoling, assuring and encouraging one

Sheep in the times and areas of Jesus were often reared for
their wool, rather than the meat.

The sheep would be with the Shepherd for some time – and
an affinity would develop among them
The shepherd would make all the efforts – even at the cost
of comforts – to take care of the sheep…
… the sheep, would remain in submission to this affection,
and faithfully follow the Master

As a Good Shepherd, the Lord looks at us, not as a flock – a

Instead, we are seen and cared for, very uniquely – as
individual sheep!

In the Presence of the Lord, we don’t need a ‘nametag!’

He knows us by name!

It’s this awareness that I am loved, and uniquely cared for, that
will strengthen us in moments of strife!

When we feel hurt, rejected, unloved, or lost, it can be
overwhelmingly difficult to see God’s light.
When we go through temptations or times of distress, we
may stray away and feel unworthy

But the protective care of the Lord is always with us, as He
assures us, “no one shall snatch them out of My Hand!”
(Jn 10:28).

Yes, we are invited to be His ‘own people!’ 

We are called to be His ‘inescapable people!’

The Merciful Father – our Good Shepherd – is waiting for each
one of us…
… Whatever be the mess, that my life may be in!

Let us run into His embrace of Love, with sincere repentance
and contrition of heart

And pledge to live for Him, and with Him… forever!

Let us never forget that “Jesus Christ is precious and He loves
us very much!”

Let these words be repeated constantly in our life…
… with
deep piety, profound conviction and committed service to one

God Bless! Live Jesus!

📖 Discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church through the Catechism

In every liturgical action the Holy Spirit is sent in order to bring us into communion with Christ and so to form his Body.
The Holy Spirit is like the sap of the Father’s vine which bears fruit on its branches.
The most intimate cooperation of the Holy Spirit and the Church is achieved in the liturgy.
The Spirit who is the Spirit of communion, abides indefectibly in the Church.

For this reason the Church is the great sacrament of divine communion which gathers God’s scattered children together. >> Communion with the Holy Trinity and fraternal communion are inseparably the fruit of the Spirit in the liturgy. (CCC # 1108)

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