We have meaningfully reached the end of this Reflection Series – The Christmas Goodies!

Christmas is the Day when God blesses us with His Greatest Goodie –He Himself!

We have every reason to thank the Lord for all these 25 days of Goodies, which He has blessed us with.

Let quickly make a recap of all the Christmas Goodies…
… and try to remember, some of the aspects, we reflected on each of the Goodies (if necessary, let’s go back and check the respective reflections)

DAY 1 – “The Advent Wreath”
DAY 2 – “The Stars”
DAY 3 – “The Colour – Purple”
DAY 4 – “The Omission of the Gloria”
DAY 5 – “The Christmas Bells”
DAY 6 – “The Christmas Candles”
DAY 7 – “The Christmas Tree”
DAY 8 – “The Christmas Carols”
DAY 9 – “Santa Claus”
DAY 10 – “Christmas Cakes”
DAY 11 – “Christmas Greeting Cards”
Day 12 – “Christmas Crib”
DAY 13 – “The Christmas Manger”
DAY 14 – “The Christmas Animals”
DAY 15 – “The Angels”
DAY 16 – “The Ancestors of Jesus”
DAY 17 – “Elizabeth and Zechariah”
DAY 18 – “John the Baptist”
DAY 19 – “The Shepherds”
DAY 20 – “King Herod and Holy Innocents”
DAY 21 – “The Magi”
DAY 22 – “St. Joseph”
DAY 23 – “Blessed Mother Mary”
DAY 24 – “God the Father & God the Holy Spirit”
DAY 25 – “JESUS”

Through these Goodies, the Lord has been personally talking to us…
… giving us information and knowledge – some which were unknown to us earlier
… touching our hearts with some pertinent questions and making us to ponder deeper
… inviting us to take certain practical resolutions, in order to deepen the significance of this festivity

Let’s thank Him for His Word

Let’s thank Him for His Care

At the same time, let’s also become aware, that with Christmas Day having been celebrated…
… most of us, will slowly tend to forget these goodies…till the Next Christmas comes!

That’s pretty natural
That’s nothing wrong either

But, the Lord also wishes that we do take in from these Goodies…
… at least a few elements of reflections
… at least some resolutions to be practised

So that the “Spirit of the Christmas Goodies” can be continued throughout the days to come!

Pretty soon…
… the cakes and good food will be over
… the decorations and the lightings would be dimmed
… the carols will go to the background and the crib statues would be kept away safe

But let the “Spirit of the Christmas Goodies” be continued

So that the “CHRIST in CHRISTmas” may be our strength and support… all the days of our life!

May the Chorus of Christmas – “Glory to God in the Highest” – be our constant refrain!
In all what we think…
In all what we say…
In all what we do…

Let all Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…
… as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen!

Yes, Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!

Be Born in us, every moment!

God Bless! Live Jesus!

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