CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our hearts DAY 24 – “GOD THE FATHER & GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT”

On Day 24 of our “Christmas Goodies”, we shall reflect on “God the Father & God the Holy Spirit”

What it Is?

Jn 1: 14: “… the Word (God the Son) became flesh, and made His dwelling among us… the glory of the Father’s ( God the Father) Only Son, full of Grace and Truth (God the Spirit)
Christmas is the great celebration of God the Father, sending the Beloved – God the Son, by the power of God the Holy Spirit.

What elements can we learn from this Christmas Goodie – “God the Father & God the Holy Spirit”?

  1. These Two Persons of the Blessed Trinity often remain hidden in our celebration of Christmas

Christmas is a celebration – of so many elements like the star, the tree, the candles, the cakes, the carols etc; of so many personalities like Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, St Joseph, Mother Mary etc
But in the midst of all them, perhaps, we tend to forget, two very important personalities – God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.
Of course, this doesn’t happen purposely or because we avoid them. It’s just that, we don’t focus much on Them.
But this Christmas is a reminder to also worship and nurture our devotion to these two persons of the Blessed Trinity.

  1. Christmas celebrates the deep love of God the Father

God the Father loved the world so much, that to see His little children straying away from Him, in sin, was a painful agony.

He blessed humanity with the noble gift of freedom- of choice; so much so, that humans can tell God, “I don’t want you!”.

God respects human freedom. St Augustine says, “God created us without us: but he did not will to save us, without us”
When human beings misused their freedom, He sent His Beloved Son.
By a life of obedience, the Son would win back humanity to the Father; all who obeyed His Son, would become “sons in the Sons”

  1. Christmas is the manifestation of the Mighty Power of the Holy Spirit

When Angel Gabriel appeared to Mother Mary, he spoke the following words: “The Holy Spirit will come upon You, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you” (Lk 1:35)

When Mary visited Elizabeth, “the infant leaped in her womb” and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit (Lk 1:41)
After the birth of John, the Baptist, his father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and sang the “Benedictus” Hymn (Lk 1:67)
Christmas is the beautiful demonstration of the Power of the Holy Spirit – the One Who dispels fears, the One Who fills with Joy, the One Who works the impossible.

  1. God the Father and God the Holy Spirit invite us to focus on two prime aspects of Christmas:  Self-giving and Holiness

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son…” (Jn 3:16a). The act of sending the Son was an act of self-giving by the Father

The Holy Spirit is the agent of Holiness. Mother Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah, John the Baptist – were all filled with the Holy Spirit and were called to a life of holiness and grace.

The celebration of Christmas is a dual call – to be selfless and to be holy; to be sharing and to be pure; to reach out to the other in service and to reach out to oneself in sanctity.

What resolutions can I practise today?

Today I will seek to deepen my devotion to the Holy Trinity and seek to be more like them- in selfless service and being more holy
Today I will strengthen my awareness that I am loved by God, just as I am, and that “my holiness” is the supreme Will of God for me

Lord, may I always walk in faith, hope and love to reflect Your Triune unity in my life, Amen!

Yes, Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!
Be born in our hearts! God bless!

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