CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our heartsDAY 11 – “CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS”

On Day 11 of our “Christmas Goodies”, we shall reflect on “Christmas Greeting Cards”


A Christmas Greeting Card is a card, sent as part of the celebration of Christmas.
These cards, usually, exchanged in the preceding weeks of Christmas, convey a range of sentiments connected to this Festive Season.
The greetings contains thoughts of wishing, a poem, a prayer, a Christmas Song or Bible verse or sometimes just a secular wishing.


  1. A Christmas Greeting sends across the Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas Card has characters, symbols and Bible verses and prayers that are associated with Christmas.
They convey, the message that Jesus and His Birth is to be the centre of all our celebrations and the prime cause for all the festivity.

  1. A Christmas Greeting Card connects people

Greeting cards (either in postal format or e-cards or these days through pictures on Whatsapp or Facebook and other social media) are mostly used to convey the wishes to people who are away. These Greeting Cards, thus, become a medium of connectivity and a mode of unity.
This is so much in keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, where we celebrate God who wanted to connect to His people, reconcile them to Himself and win back our hearts to Him (2 Cor 5:18)
The Greeting Card also teaches us, that in our daily lives, we too ought to be the Channels of Reconciliation and Unity.

  1. A Christmas Card can be an effective means to lift up a sad/lonely soul

Receiving a Christmas Card is always a joy!
This is more so, in case of people who find themselves lonely – the elderly, the sick in the hospital, the children and destitute women, the abandoned etc.
Sending a card across to them – even if one doesn’t know them – can be a beautiful means of bringing a smile this Christmas to the needy and telling them that “God Still Loves them… very much!”

  1. Personalized cards add a greater meaning and touch to the Greeting

We live in times when technology has taken over many aspects of life.
Of course, it’s easy to send across of Greetings in the electronic format – e-cards, WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Posts, Twitter Greets, SMS’s. But we could also make a special effort, to make even these electronic greetings, more personalized and adding the touch of “Jesus Message” in all.
Along with these electronic attempts, it would be good too (though, in some places a bit impractical) to send actually greeting cards through the post, or hand-deliver them or prepare hand-made cards.
Such cards, though a bit archaic, still carry a lot of goodness, joy and love, that is unmatched – since they are an expression of one’s personal feelings and care

  1. Make sure that Christmas Greetings carry the True Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas Card can be a powerful means to send across the real meaning of Christ, this Christmas.
Often, we Christians, secularise the Festivity but leaving out the words Jesus, or Christmas and just reduce them to “Season’s Greetings” or an “X-Mas”
Let Christmas be an occasion to bring home the Gospel Message to all – by adding a Bible verse or a prayer, or simply a “God Bless” etc
We must make sure that “we evangelize the world and not that the world evangelise us!”


Today I will seek to centre all my activities on Jesus and become a person of reconciliation and unity
Today I will seek give the message of Christ’s Love to at least one or two needy persons and become an instrument of God’s love

Lord, like the Christmas Greeting, may my life convey the message of joy, peace and bring Your Good News – Evangelion – to many people, Amen!


We welcome you into our hearts! God Bless!

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