CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our heartsDAY 10 – “CHRISTMAS CAKES”

On Day 10 of our “Christmas Goodies”, we shall reflect on “Christmas Cakes”

What it is?

Christmas Cakes are special cakes (usually fruit cakes) that are served during the Christmas Season.
Christmas Cakes are also one of the most common items that are exchanged among family members, friends and acquaintances.

What elements can we learn from this Christmas Goodie -“Christmas Cakes”?

  1. The Christmas Cake had its origin as a food, consumed in preparation for the celebration of the Birth of Christ.

The Christmas Cake probably originated from the “Plum Porridge”.
It was an Old English tradition to eat this “Plum Porridge” on the eve of Christmas. This porridge was used to fill the stomach after a day of fasting. Over the years, dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge, and eventually turned it into Christmas pudding.
The Christmas Cake had its humble beginnings as a food after fasting, in preparation for Christmas.
It teaches the big lesson that “only after a time of fasting, can one truly enjoy the period of feasting!”
The real joy of sharing a Christmas Cake, comes only after we have prepared well, for the birth of Jesus in our hearts.

  1. The Christmas Cake undergoes a lot of preparation

The preparations for making the Christmas Cake begins much in advance – procurement of the things, keeping the ingredients ready to get the exotic flavour etc (depending on the type of the cake)
The long preparation for the cake teaches us the importance of “preparing ourselves” for any work or task that we take up. This is more especially true and necessary in case of spiritual activities.
Thus, it also is a pointer to remind ourselves of the need to have a good and meaningful “preparation for the Holy Mass” – where we receive the Greatest Food for our growth and strength.

  1. Christmas Cake blends together many things; it also blends together people.

The Christmas Cake is prepared as a result of blending many ingredients.
The Christmas Cake is also sort of a family tradition, which brings together many people – especially the members of the family.
This blending together results in a time of joy, happiness and unity

  1. The Christmas Cake is one of the first choices for gifting

Christmas is a time when many gifts are exchanged among families and friends; Christmas Cakes would probably top that gift-list.
The Cakes are a reminder to become persons who share joy and love – not just in this festive season – but all through the year

  1. Some cakes make use of spices – a reminder of the Magi

Some of the Christmas Cakes are “spiced up” – made with some spices especially cinnamon and cardamom.
Spices are usually said to be coming from the East. These spices points to the Magi – the Three Kings who had come from the East.
The spicy Christmas Cake remind us of the various experiences of the Three Kings – deep longing and the hard efforts to see the Saviour and the immense joy in meeting Him.

  1. Christmas Cakes also reminds of our duty to the poor and especially the hungry

Cakes are a sign of festivity and fun. But it also comes with a strong reminder of the duty to be sensitive to the needs of the poor, and especially the hungry
Our Christmas will become more meaningful when we also seek to share our cakes with the needy and the hungry, and reminds us of the Christian Duty of Service and Care

What resolutions can I practise today?

Today I will seek to make eager preparations for the Birth of Christ in my life – either with an act of charity or maybe some form of penance or any other suitable means; and also make my life a constant preparation to meet the Lord in glory.
Today I will seek to understand that the preparation for the Birth of Christ ought to be a time to reconcile myself with people and building stronger bonds of love, thus becoming a gift of God, to all.

Lord, like the Christmas Cake, may my life add sweetness and joy in the lives of many, Amen!


We welcome you into our hearts! God Bless!

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