CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our heartsDAY 7- “THE CHRISTMAS TREE”

On Day 7 of our “Christmas Goodies”, we shall reflect on The Christmas Tree


A Christmas tree is a decorated tree – usually an evergreen such as spruce, pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance – widely associated with Christmas.
It is illuminated with candles or artificial lighting. It is decorated with traditional ornaments like the stars, tinsels, garlands, hearts, flowers etc
An angel or a star is placed at the top of the tree


  1. The Christmas Tree symbolizes life

The Evergreens remind us of the gift of life and the freshness that ought to be maintained at all times.
This freshness comes as a result of being filled with the grace of God, by living a life devoid of sin and evil ways
It also reminds us of the immortality of life (the defeat of death – 1 Cor 15:5), that Jesus has won, by His Resurrection

  1. The Decorations on the Christmas Tree remind us of God’s graces and blessings

The various colourful decorations points to the various blessings that God showers in our lives at every stage (branch) of our life.
These blessings which beautifies our life with joy, ought to be displayed at all times, that “the Christmas Tree of our Life” may always attract many more, to the love of Christ

  1. The Christmas Tree is also sometimes called as the “Paradise Tree”

In some places, dramas are held during the season of Advent and Christmas, and the Christmas Tree symbolizes the “Paradise Tree” – the Tree of life, in the Garden of Eden.
It is a sign of hope that Jesus, the Tree of Life wishes to grant us life – life in its abundance (Jn 10:10)
Some of these “Paradise Trees” also had apples decorated on it, to remind of the Fall of Humanity into sin, by the partaking of the Forbidden Fruit (Gen 2: 17)

  1. The Christmas Tree with the lights remind us of the Burning Bush of Sinai

In Exodus 3:2, we read that Moses encountered the Burning Bush at Sinai.
The Christmas Tree, when lit up, reminds us of this Burning Bush and its various elements – the call to be a Christian Leader, the Awesome Presence of God and the Empowering Act of God.

  1. The Angel/Star atop the Christmas Tree points to Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem

The Angel that is sometimes fixed on the top of the Christmas Tree points to Angel Gabriel, who announced the Good News to Mother Mary.
The angel reminds us of the need to remain open to hear God’s voice and say Yes to His Will
The Star that adorns the Christmas Tree at the top, is a reminder of the Star that guided the Three Kings towards the place of birth of Christ.
The Star reminds us of the need to lead many more to Christ by being “stars which shine like bright stars” (Phil 2:15)

  1. The triangular shape of an evergreen tree (Christmas Tree) is a pointer to the Triune God.

The evergreen tree of the Christmas tree is shaped as a triangle – three sided
This is a reminder of God as the Trinity – The love of the Father, the Redeeming Power of Christ and the Sanctifying Grace of the Holy Spirit.

  1. The Christmas Tree reminds us of two important Trees of Salvation History

The Christmas Tree also brings to our mind two other trees – The Tree of Temptation in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3) and the Tree of Redemption on Mount Calvary (Jn 19: 16-17).
Humanity yielded to the Tree of Temptation and succumbed to the powers of evil and brought death…
… Humanity is now exhorted to yield to the Tree of Redemption and surrender to the Power of the Lord and receive life.


Today I will seek to be thankful to the Lord for all His manifold blessings and live a holy life that remains constantly fresh, by the waters of God’s Grace and Love.
Today I will seek to become aware that God is greatly wanting me to have life in abundance and that I must seek His Will and Presence at all times.

Lord, like the Christmas Tree, may my life always be a symbol of Gratitude and Greenery for all Your Graces in my life, Amen!

We welcome you into our hearts! God Bless!

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