CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our heartsDAY 5 – “THE CHRISTMAS BELLS”

On Day 5 of our “Christmas Goodies,” we shall reflect on The Christmas Bells


One of the most familiar icons/symbols of the Season of Christmas is The Christmas Bell.
Such Christmas Bells are commonly used and found in decorations, ornaments and illustrations of Christmas Cards.


  1. The ringing of the Christmas bells points to a mood of joy and celebration

The pitch and rhythm of the bells indicate joy, warning or sorrow.
It is an announcement that Joy has come into the world, and though problems and difficulties still surround us, there is hope and meaning to life, at the Coming of Christ.

  1. The Bells signify to the awareness of the Presence of the Lord

Christmas Bells are rung to signal the birth of Jesus and to allow the strains of joy and happiness to enter deep into one’s being.
It’s ringing is a sacred declaration to become aware that the “Lord is near” and to recognise, acknowledge and worship His Divine Presence – in the Sacred Objects, in one another and in the daily circumstances of life.

  1. Ringing of bells signify doing away with all that is evil and negative

From olden days, bells have been used to scare away evil spirits or to ward of any negative powers and forces.
The Ringing of the Bells indicates that one is intent on doing away with anything that is evil or sinful and that one wants to live in holiness alone.

  1. The Bells serve as Reminders

Bells, are commonly used to remind us of certain things or events.
Christmas Bells are used to remind the fact that God loves each one of us deeply and is a call to listen and follow His commandments – to love Him and love our neighbour – more deeply and more radically.

  1. Christmas Bells point towards “ringing in the new”

The chimes of bells ought to remind that the old is to be cast away and the new has to be adopted.
It calls to “put on Christ” (Rom 13:14) in all what we do – our being, our thoughts, our talks and our actions.


Today I will seek to become more aware of the Presence of the Lord in and around me – especially in His Holy Word, His Holy Eucharist and also seeing Him people around us and in the situations that I face
Today I will seek to live more joyfully and radiate the contagious love of Christ to all, by my optimism and confidence in His Providence.

We welcome you into our hearts! God Bless!

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