CHRISTMAS GOODIES – Welcoming Jesus into our hearts!DAY 4 – “THE OMISSION OF THE GLORIA”

On Day 4 of our “Christmas Goodies”, we shall reflect on The Omission of the Gloria

What it is?

During the Season of Advent, the Gloria – “Glory to God in the highest” is omitted during the Liturgy.
Gloria is a Liturgical hymn with three parts – the first is the song that the shepherds heard sung by a heavenly choir of angels at the birth of Jesus; the second praises God by recalling all of His attributes; the third part prays to Jesus, asking Him to save us from our sins.

What elements can we learn?

  1. The silence of the Gloria points to Penitence

The Gloria is a joyous acclamation in which we praise God and recognize the Father as our heavenly King and Jesus as the Lamb of God.
It’s silence reflects that we wish to tell that Lord that we want to immerse ourselves into real repentance and penance, and are truly sorrowful over our misdeeds.
It’s a call to ask the Lord to cleanse us, and make us worthy, in His mercy, to once again sing His praise and glory

  1. Not singing the Gloria signifies to a period of expectation and hope

The Gloria is a song of immense joy and exaltation
The Liturgy emphasises the Advent’s character as a season of waiting with great expectation.
As a mother, eagerly longing and carefully taking care with respect to emotions, Holy Mother the Church longs with expectant hope of the birth of Her Saviour on Christmas Day.

  1. The silence of the Gloria is a preparation to join the chorus of angels to herald the birth of Jesus in our lives

On the first Christmas Day, the heavenly choir sang the Gloria to break the silence of heaven and proclaim the birth of the long awaited Messiah.
By omitting the Gloria, it is as if we are taking a deep long breath, before opening our mouths to join the angels in glorifying God Almighty!

  1. Every wilful absence can probably make something “felt” more present

Human tendency it is, to get used to and take for granted, what is easily available
The purposeful silence in the Gloria, creates a gap/space/feeling that something is “missing”
This “missing” ought to get translated into “feeling more present”, the real depth, meaning and the richness of this beautiful hymn – Gloria – and to make our life itself a “Gloria – doing all things for the glory of God!”

  1. Emphasising Advent as a season of “anticipation” and Christmas as the season of “fulfilment”

Very times, celebrations of Christmas (external) begins many days before Christmas.
Too often, such festivity, results into Christmas Day being robbed of her true celebration and boredom creeping in, as we approach Christmas.
Christmas Day and the days after Christmas, simply becomes “too tired days” or days when we spend more time sleeping, or being in a holiday mode, or days of cleaning and getting ready for the new year party or celebrations
The silence of the Gloria reminds strongly, that Advent is to be the season of “Anticipation/waiting” and the real celebration of the “fulfilment” happens on Christmas and the days after it.

What resolutions can I practise today?

Today I will seek to make the Season of Advent truly a “period of expectation and anticipation” of the Saviour, and will internally long for Jesus to be born in my heart and in my life.
Today I will seek to make my life itself a “Gloria”; giving Glory to God in all what I do – small or great things.

Lord, help me to prepare my heart in joyful expectation for your coming, and to do everything in life, for your glory, Amen!

We welcome you into our hearts! God Bless!

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